I've been using the Hyperpad for a few months now and I felt it was time to write a review. It is easily my favorite Blackberry accessory that I feel hasn't had a lot of coverage. Basically, the hyberpad is a mat that contains magnets that cause your Blackberry to go into standby mode. Its essentially the same thing as when you put your Blackberry in its holster. I leave the mat on my desk in my office and put my Blackberry on it since it really improves my battery life. Furthermore, you can set what alerts you get in your profiles by setting “Play Sound” to play in holster. For example, I chose to turn off any alerts that aren't calls, emails or BBM at work since all other sounds are probably distractions. The other great thing about the hyberpad is that is works just like a holster; when you take it off the hyberpad, the alerts go right back to what it was before you put it on the pad. There is almost no delay in placing it on the mat and taking it off.

So why should you buy a hyperpad?

  • Lots of people use cases that aren't the generic holsters but still want to hibernate their Blackberrys.
  • RIM recently started removing the standby option from their OSs which means you won't be able just hit a key and get it to standby.
  • Its cheap! I got mine off Amazon about fifteen dollars (USD)
  • It saves your battery.
  • It supports most devices. I've tested it on a Storm 2, 9700 and a Tour.

So, I think I really give a good case for buying a hyberpad and adding it to your accessories. The only somewhat negative thing I have to say is that sometimes the hyberpad magnet won't pick up my Blackberry. 85% of the time it works perfectly well, and when it doesn't all you have to do is nudge it maybe a quarter inch. Its not really a design flaw, its just part of getting into the habit of placing your blackberry right over one of the magnets.