Well Hello once again!

Everyone ready for my review of the Seidio Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700!? well ready or not here it comes!

You can get yourself your very own Seidio Innocase 360 here: Clicky Click, for only US$35.95

Well like I said in my previous reviews, I got the 360 in a medium box with the rest of my stuff, so here is a picture of how it was in the box! Wrapped safely in its plastic wrap so it doesn’t get damaged during shipping:

The Innocase 360 is a lot like the Innocase 2 for the BlackBerry 9700 for overall protection, BUT the 360 has A LOT more to offer on top of the Innocase 2. On top of the side, bottom and top protection like the Innocase 2, the 360 give you a built in screen protector and keyboard cover to protect just about every millimeter of your device!

With the built in screen protector there is no need for those replacable, flimzy ones you can buy from just about anywhere. The built in screen protector is perfect, covers the whole screen and doesn’t create any glare and covers the entire screen and is flush against it. Doesn’t show any bubbles under it unlike those other ones you can buy where you have to practically use a squeegie to get the bubbles out.

The built in keyboard cover is great! Covers every single button on the keyboard, including the send, end, menu, and back button. It doesn’t cover the trackpad for obvious reason. With the cover on it you still have easy access tot he trackpad and be able to use it to its full function.

Above are some more pictures of the 360 on the device so you can see just how good the screen protector is and how the keyboard cover protects the keyboard. As well you can see all the buttons on the side and ports are left exposed so you have easy access to them. You can still easily use all the buttons and ports. You can also see the charging ports are left open for when Seidio releases their dock.

So like I said like the Innocase 2, the 360 offers great protection for the whole device, from screen to keyboard to the sides, and back. Seidio did a great job with this case and making sure it fits perfect and protects it like no other case on the market!

Below is a quick video of a walkaround and review of the Innocase 360:

YouTube - Innocase 360 review