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    Review: Seidio Innocase 2 for 9700

    Hello Everyone

    Here is my review of the Seidio Innocase 2 for the BlackBerry 9700 along with there new style holster!

    First off I have always loved Seidio’s products as they are great quality products and last forever! **** I still have my holster from my 8300. I have used an Innocase 2, holster and Innocase Snap for the 8900, and loved every single one of them!

    You can find the Innocase 2 here: Clicky Click US$29.95

    Now for my review of the Innocase 2 for the 9700. Due to getting more then just the Innocase 2, my shipment came in a medium box with all my orders in one.

    Here you can see the Innocase 2 in its plastic holding:

    The case was well packed and was easy to remove. For some reason this case seemed much thinner then the one I have for my 8900, but that’s a great thing! Once you get the case on, which is as simple as siding the top piece on and then the bottom, it doesn’t even feel like its there.

    As you can see from the pictures, the Innocase 2 covers all of the sides, the top middle parts (leaving you to be able to push the mute and lock buttons), and the bottom. The case also leaves the side buttons open and ports, they kind of look like they will be hard to push and get to, but I assure you that is not the case, they are easy to get to and push. If anything I find them easier to find now.

    Another thing I love about the case is it doesn’t fully cover the chrome, it just lets enough through to make it looks like the case is part of the device. The case keeps the device looking very elegant and sexy with that small bit of chrome showing! In the following pictures you can see the case leaves the ports and side convenience buttons open for easy access, but still leaves the device protected.



    From the side pictures it kind of looks like it bulges near the screen, but all the case is going is wrapping part of the screen for added protection. You can also see that the side charging ports are left open for when Seidio releases their dock for use with this case.

    This case just feels so great in the hands, and makes me feel more safe with it on. One thing I have been scared of since I got my 9700 was dropping it and needing a new device or a lot of parts to make it look like new again. Now I don’t have to worry so much anymore. Of course I will still be afraid of dropping it, but I know with this case I won’t have to worry to much about damage as I know from experience that the Innocase 2 will save my device. Once with my 8900 I jumped over a set of rails on a stair case (smart, I know….) and it fell out of the holster some how as soon as I jumped and 6 feet later BOOM hit the ground HARD! And you know what? Not a scratch on my 8900, not even a reboot, just a small dent and scratch on the corner of the Innocase 2 which I had to look hard to find. So I know I will get that level of protection with this Innocase 2, I have NO doubts about it!

    So here are some more pictures of the 9700 with the Innocase 2 on:

    Overall this case is one of the best ones money can buy, and it isn’t that expensive either, but I can’t put a price on the protection of my device… So when it comes to buying a good quality case that protects the device from harm, I know this one will do a great job!

    Keep up the good work Seidio!

    Quick Video of how to put the case on, with a quick walkaround of the case:

    YouTube - Innocase 2 Review
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