Hi every one
I bought BB Z30 4 days ago and updated it to and after that even menu it self have lag i mean when i swipe left or right have lag every where is like this
and i read every thread but i couldn't understand the issue

i just want to know how can i fix it?what should i do?

its have lag everywhere some times it is smooth but some times its slow its almost 3 days past since update and this morning it was better i thought its gone but now its have same lag as before

i want to use autoloader but i didn't found any helpful download link and i don't know how should i do it!
its says is latest firmware but i found 26** on the net please some one help me its really important for me because here blackberry haven't any guarantee and i really love this phone even more than my previous Z2

blackberry asphalt it self have a slight lag

how can make a backup from my downloaded programs from BBW?

Thank you