how to disable a group chat
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Thread: how to disable a group chat

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    how to disable a group chat

    This group chat is giving me problems . I can't leave it nd da admin does not want to. Delete me how do I leave??

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    How to leave a BBM Group on OS 10

    Leaving a BBM Group on OS 10 isn't difficult, as long as you know where to look. I know that everyone isn't as curious as I am about exploring the menus, or even interested in them at all. So, here is a quick guide to leaving a BBM Group.

    First, open the Group you want to leave, and click the menu overflow button in the lower right hand corner. (For truckers like me. it's the rear passenger side)

    In the overflow menu, at the bottom, you should find the option to leave the Group.

    That's all there is to it, you should now be removed from the group.

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    Good explanation !

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