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    Post BlackBerry Z10 Tips and Tricks

    Whenever you get a new device it usually takes some time to get used to. I thought it would be beneficial for others to start a list of tips, tricks and shortcuts for the Z10. If you have some tips or tricks please share them here and I will add them to the list.

    • Quickly hide the keyboard - hold your finger on the keyboard for a few seconds. This will close the keyboard.
    • Quickly show the keyboard - use two fingers and swipe from the bottom of the screen.
    • Reset the Hub - swipe down from the top right corner five times in a row. This is essentially simulates a reboot, but will not erase any data.
    • Keyboard toggle - swipe down on the keyboard to quickly cycle through letter, symbols and number keyboards.
    • Set Conversation mode - from within the Hub click on the three dots in the lower right. navigate to "Settings" > "Display and Actions" > "Display Style" > then select "Conversation.
    • Change email signature - from within the Hub click on the three dots in the lower right. Navigate to "Settings" > "Email Accounts" > select an email account and modify the "Signature field" .
    • Download Images Automatically for emails - from within the Hub click on the three dots in the lower right. Navigate to "Settings" > "Display and Actions" then toggle on the "Download Images Automatically" option.
    • Mark all prior messages read - press and hold on the date banner across the message list. The side bar will open, tap the envelope icon with the down arrow this will "mark all prior items read".
    • Quickly capitalise a letter - press and hold a letter and it will automatically capitalise it.
    • Quickly delete words - swipe your finger from left to right on the keyboard.
    • Turn off flying word animation - Navigate to "Settings" > "Language and Input" > "On-Screen Keyboard" then toggle the "Show animation button" to off.
    • Turn on Adobe Flash - While in the Browser app tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner. Then navigate to "Settings" > "Display and Actions". Then toggle on Adobe Flash.
    • View the BlackBerry boot time - Long press the boot BlackBerry logo in the middle of the screen. This will give you the remaining boot time percentage.
    • Quickly show device model - type "myver" from any native messaging app.
    • Add BCC to email - While composing an email minimize the keyboard and click on the the three dots. Then select "Add Bcc:".
    • Notification peek - From the bottom of the scree, slide your finger to the up just a little bit.
    • Fully open Hub - from the bottom of the screen slide finger up and to the right. To return to your previous state, slide your finger back to the left and down.
    • Quickly check events from Hub - At the top of the Hub, where today's date appears, slowly drag down. Your upcoming events start to appear. The more you drag, the more you see.
    • Message flag - flagging a message also places it in the Remember App.
    • Voice notes - Voice note are now located in the Remember App.
    • Resize a row or column in Docs To Go Spreadsheet - To resize a row, drag your finger up or down. To resize a column, drag your finger left or right.
    • Place a call on hold - While on a call, press and hold the microphone icon until "Call Held" appears on the screen.
    • Take notes while on a call - While on a call, tap the speaker icon then tap the icon with a pencil..
    • Start a conference call - While on a call, make or answer another call. To merge the calls, tap the two inward facing arrows.
    • Add number to speed dial list - To add a number to your speed dial list, tap the phone icon select the number and hold. Select the "star" icon and then select " Add to Speed Dial".
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