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    Exclamation Sideloading Problems on Q10 App Crashes .bar and .apk


    So last nite I upgraded my Q10 to with the autoloader.exe by watching video from you tube .
    I also downloaded the android runtime and used the Playbook extension to upload it on my Q10: .bar .bar

    The OS worked perfectly and I love it, but whenever I sideload apps such as Instagram and Spotify, (.bar and .apk file), it crashes. I first tried it through the Blackberry Playbook extension to download Instagram .bar file. That worked, but whenever I opened the app cashed. So I tried downloading an .apk file directly from my Blackberry web browser for Spotify by using the .apk file downloader url. Same scenario, file downloaded but it crashes upon opening it. I then went back to autoloader and reloaded the OS and restarted by Q10 multiple times but that failed.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Also I expected the OS to be but i'm not sure if it updated itself. Maybe I'm just blind.

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    Upgrade your os to the latest I suggest creating a backup first and then use an autoloader.
    BB then, now, forever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmeling68 View Post
    Upgrade your os to the latest I suggest creating a backup first and then use an autoloader.

    Thanks for providing the best solution.

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    Thanks for informative post.

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