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    Lightbulb Transitions, Improvements, Updates and Fixes

    Hey everyone!

    I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here, but I hope that you read the whole post!


    From my BlackBerry Bold 9900 (OS to my new BlackBerry Z30 (OS

    It was a seamless transition from my 9900 to my Z30. I had backed up everything from my 9900 using BlackBerry Protect, and used BlackBerry Desktop Manager as well. I then started up BlackBerry Link, and connected my 9900, where it then began to backup the device, and it helped transfer most, if not all of my data to my Z30. It was a neat step-by-step transition. If you followed the steps that BlackBerry Link provided, you shouldn't have any issues with the new device.

    One thing that I would love to see is that on BBM, if you have any open conversations with BBM contacts, that those conversations be brought along or backed up to your BlackBerry ID (BBID), so that you could continue to have your conversations on your new device.


    I love my Z30, but don't get me wrong, I also loved my 9900.


    There are some key features that I loved about my 9900, that are currently unavailable on my Z30. A few of them being the LED notification light. I like that BlackBerry brought that you can customize notifications for contacts and applications, but I personally think that this needs to be improved. With my 9900, you could choose from about six LED colours, based on applications (such as Twitter, Facebook, BBM, etc), or based on contacts (correct me if I am wrong ). The other improvement is customizing vibrate tone lengths, and the frequency (number of times it vibrates). For example, my 9900 had length options of short, medium or long, and frequency of 1, 2, or 3. This should also be tied in with applications or contacts. Now I know there are applications on BlackBerry World that can do this, but it would be amazing to see BlackBerry integrate this within their OS.

    BBM/BBM Channels/BBM Channels Manager

    BBM is a great cross-messaging platform that helps communicate with others (friends, co-workers, etc) around the world. BBM has currently expanding its messaging platform to iOS, Android, and soon, Windows Phone and Nokia X platforms, along with the recently announced eBBM. It is great to see BlackBerry continuously growing BBM, and adding new, and improved features (such as Glympse, etc) to the platform.

    However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in regards to BBM Channels. I for one, would love to see some of the following implementations put into BBM Channels, to make it a better product for Channel Owners.

    The ability to edit channel posts would be an amazing tool to have! We all make mistakes when typing . The ability to edit channel posts would help channel owners fix their mistakes, and allow them to correct it.

    The ability to change channel owners would be another amazing tool in BBM Channels. The BBM Channel is tied with your BBID, and therefore, cannot be transferred to another owner (BBID). However, it should be allowed that both parties are in a mutual agreement, and that the channel is then passed onto the new owner.

    The ability to add moderators, and editors on BBM channels would be amazing to see! The channel owner should grant access to his/her BBM contacts, and allow them different privileges (got to have that BlackBerry security ). Editors can be allowed to make channel posts, while moderators can help with the spam or anything else that is needed.

    The ability to share your channel posts properly to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

    The ability to have BBM voice/video conference calls on your device.

    An update on BBM Channels Manager. I find that it is very slow and laggy still, and needs major improvements. In addition, channel owners should be able to view which subscribers have liked and read the channel posts.

    BlackBerry Built Applications

    Another capability that I miss from my 9900 was that I was able to set notifications every half-an-hour on Twitter for new tweets. On my Z30, I currently have to open up Twitter, and view the new tweets. Also, I notice that if I had retweeted a retweet, and someone else also retweeted or favourited that tweet, on my Z30, I do not get a notification, but I do see it on my Twitter feed (when on the Twitter website). BlackBerry needs to implement this using Twitter's new API, and more options are needed within the application!!

    BlackBerry Protect was another great tool when using my 9900! It would back-up all my contacts, text messages, emails (I think), calendars and notes. It was also used to restore onto other devices, and used to locate the device, lock the device remotely, display a message, play a sound, or wipe the device. On the BlackBerry 10 version of BlackBerry Protect, it does not provide any backup capabilities. It can only be backed up by using BlackBerry Link, or any third-party applications. BlackBerry needs to implement this feature again and provide users ease of mind, knowing that their device is backed up (either daily, weekly, or monthly). Again, it needs to be exactly, if not, better than the way BlackBerry Protect works for legacy devices.

    The Facebook app is pretty neat compared to the legacy. I wish there was a way where users had the option of choosing 'Most Recent', or 'Top Stories' for their news feed, and ensuring that this option (once chosen), stays default (and of course allowing the user to change this option when swiping left to right).

    BlackBerry Beta Zone

    BlackBerry Beta Zone is a great place to test out new, and updated software before it comes out to the public (main user base). There was a high demand when BBM Channels was released. However, it seems as if the Beta Zone has died, and users are posting things everywhere. It needs to be cleaned up, and be brought back to life again. Again, the Beta Zone needs a major overhaul, and it would be great to see one standard website where users can access (for example, the Beta Zone, Channels Manager, BlackBerry Protect, etc). This would help cleaning up the different places that users would need to go to, with a unique, unified website that users can access.

    BlackBerry World

    It would be nice to have an option for BlackBerry World to automatically update applications. Give the user the option of updating automatically or not (option bubble). If auto-update = yes, then ask the user if they want to auto-update over Wi-Fi only (check box). You can also add options where if the application is over a certain size (give options of sizes 5MB, 10MB, 15MB, >20MB etc), to download over Wi-Fi, or the carrier's network (data).

    Don't get me wrong, but they have done a great job with bringing BlackBerry 10 to the market! Updates make the difference

    That should be it for now, but I'll come back later if I missed anything!

    What do you think needs to be improved for BlackBerry? Throw a comment below!

    Thanks for reading!!
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    Thanks for visiting and enjoy using your BlackBerry!
    Please my post if it has helped you. Much appreciated!

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    • I totally miss my custom notifications as well. While they have gotten better since launch, they are no where near the level of customization as BBOS.

    • BlackBerry, unlike legacy BBOS, does not build Twitter or Facebook apps, so any updates you wish to see in the Twitter app, Twitter would need to add the BB10 version of Twitter.

    Beta Zone

    • I agree with you here, there needs to be a hub (no pun intended) for all BlackBerry ID related services on the web. Protect, Beta Zone, BlackBerry World, etc.

    The lack of cloud storage is frustrating, but having it stationed on said BBID website would make sense. I want access to my phone on whatever device I'm on. Maybe once Blend is released...

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    I like the whole bezel swipe action, but it needs refined before it becomes practical. Sometimes I find myself having to swipe to close an app multiple times.

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