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    OS 10 and the New Black Berry Smartphones Need To Be Treated Like A Brand New Product

    Every new product has growing pains. No product comes out of the box perfect with no flaws. If that weren't true then there wouldn't be service packs on every new version of Windows and OS X 10.9 wouldn't be at 10.9..XXX.

    Same is true for Blackberrry with OS 10 and the new handsets.

    We can debate and hate all day long on what phone should have been released first and if the OS should have been released sooner etc. Hindsight being what it is, when you look back at the two phones/operating systems dominating the smartphone universe right now, in retrospect they were hundreds of times worse than the initial OS 10.0 that launched almost a year ago, same for the handsets they launched on.

    Think back to your first experience with an Android phone and OS. Mine was on a T Mobile G1 I'd bought for my wife. I'd still rather use my old BB Pearl 8100 than that thing. Slow processor, clunky design so-so screen and that dinosaur known as Cupcake. It certainly wasn't the user experience my daughter enjoys today on her Samsung galaxy SIII.

    iOS 1.0? If I remember correctly it didn't have music player suppoort and there was no such thing as an app store, much less support for 3rd party apps. Video recording wasn't even considered until the 3G S. My wife enjoys a much better more refined user experience on her new 64gb 5 S than my friends who got the first and second generation iPhones did.

    My point is that new products take time to fully come into their own. The BB OS 10 and handsets are no different.

    We as BlackBerry users and fans need to look at OS 10 and the new handsets not as the continuation of a familial line or the next generation in a long line of products.

    We need to look, and quite frankly BlackBerry needs to market the new phones and new OS, like they are just hitting the market and by a company that has never produced a phone or OS before. Quit looking at them as modified or hopped up Bolds and Torches. These are clean slate devvices.

    If a movie franchise can "reboot" and give us an old movie with a fresh look and sell it like a new movie (even when technically it's not), why can't a smartphone and it's OS do the same thing?

    OS 10 and the new handsets are a building blocks for a new BlackBerry, not just another product release from RIM.

    One last thing and this is a real issue for me.


    I own and use the best smartphone with the best OS of any phone I've ever owned, and I say that as a former iPhone user and someone who's familiar with Android.

    But unless the marketing department in Waterloo gets off it's collective @ss and starts marketing the thing, no one will ever know. They seem content to let word of mouth do their job for them and we can all see the results.

    iPhone has sold the basically the same phone for three generations now and every time they release their "new" phone people flock like drones to get a new one. BlackBerry marketing should have been all over this in print video and radio mocking...yes I said mocking...that fact.

    "Why get a warmed over version of the same phone that was new three years ago when you can have truly cutting edge? The new BlackBerry Z/Q 10 series powered by OS 10".

    The debacle with the Android App store during BBM rollout version one was another missed opportunity to point out the weakness in a competitor and highlight the advantages of BlackBery World.

    There used to be a rule in broadcasting and I assume the same is true for marketing that you don't ever mention the competition whether you're number one or number 30 in what you do. But when you're a company fighting for your very existance, the rules need to get tossed out the window. BlackBerry marketing folks need to engage in some Guerilla warfare if they ever hope to reclaim any market share from the people that took it form them.

    New phone, new OS, they beg for a new way of selling this new product.
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