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    Z10 OEM battery is a bit low?

    A 2000mAh battery for a current smartphone definitely not enough for me, and I am just looking for trouble if only have a OEM battery. But I’ve heard that this doesn't the case with the BlackBerry Z10...until my girlfriend got one and I have a chance to review its battery life.

    It looks like BlackBerry squeezes battery power by optimizing the OS…and yes I agree that it could almost as well as it sounded, but we still need to juice it whenever we can. Any way it is still closer to the top of all phones Ive used.

    About talk time, the BlackBerry Z10 goes from a full battery to plug in about 8 hours 30 minutes and I think just a little behind my iPhone 5. But from the data I could found from internet, the BlackBerry Z10 was hours behind some of the smartphone with high capacity batteries, such as Oppo and the LG's new phone.

    If I am browsing websites, the BlackBerry Z10 can last at a maximum of about 6 and half hours , which my Apple iPhone 5 can run 10 hours before the battery die. But it seems BBZ10 is much better for Galaxy Neux.

    So overall, people prefer moderate use through a day probably will be satisfied with BlackBerry Z10 with OEM LS1 battery, but it is not enough for my girlfriend who enjoy in watching videos and browsing facebook. Because it has a removable battery, I decided to purchase an extended battery named MPJ which my friend owned BB10 (also available for Z10) recommended before. With 2750mAh high capacity and a corresponding charger, her BlackBerry Z10 now can last much longer. Different from most smartphone now, the design of removable battery satisfied me most, especially if you spend many time on the web.

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    Hello! I have found that my Z10 can get a solid 8 hours with heavy use. That's better than some, worse than others. My solution to never running out of juice at the wrong time is keeping an extra battery handy. I purchased the battery bundle a while back and now I don't even charge my phone, just the battery. If I ever find a higher capacity battery that doesn't require an extended battery door, I'll probably buy it, but until then I'll keep swapping out batteries.

    Thanks for posting!
    BB then, now, forever!

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