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    Discuss: RIM Stock Continues To Rise In Anticipation For BlackBerry 10

    Once again investors are getting excited about Research In Motion the company behind BlackBerry 10. The company is trading at much higher level than it was almost a year ago, as its currently up 10% to $14.95. Naturally this trend will continue well on into RIM's release of BlackBerry 10 on January 30th, but after that its up to the public to decide whether or not this trend will continue. The good news is that investors are genuinely excited about seeing something new and fresh come out from RIM. The company has done a great job promoting its new platform to the masses and has even changed the hearts of some of its naysayers.

    The company still faces the challenge of delivery; the roll out of BlackBerry 10 devices must be smooth and streamlined. Something like the roll out of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would be disastrous. The stage is set for the company to do well, their stock has more than doubled since September.
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