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    Discuss: Hands On With BlackBerry 10 Keyboard & Messages App

    Once again RIM has given us a sneak peek into its innovative BlackBerry 10 OS. The BlackBerry 10 platform has slowly been making more appearances due to RIM's BlackBerry 10 Jam world tour. Although RIM has been keeping the lid on most of the features that make up BB 10 we have been given enough of a taste to know that RIM is on to something very good here.

    The BlackBerry 10 Jam world tour made its way to New York; and our Senior Editor AgentBlackBerry had the chance to sit down with RIM's principal architect, Gary Klassen to get a hands-on look at some of the features that BlackBerry 10 has to offer.

    One of the new features that will separate the BlackBerry 10 platform from the rest of the competition is its innovative new keyboard. This gesture-based predictive text touchscreen keyboard will allow for faster typing on a touchscreen device, by learning common words and allowing you to "flick" them to the text box. Deleting words can be removed quicker by swiping the backspace key to the left. This is something that is definitely going to appeal to consumers that have traditionally strayed away from touchscreen keyboards due to their less than desirable keyboards.

    In addition to a revamped keyboard RIM has also done a complete remake of its traditional UI. Forget about the BlackBerry OS that you already know because BB 10 is nothing like it. A complete rebuild from top to bottom BB 10 is both refreshing and delightful to see. The days of using a mobile phone to just make phone calls are over, and the days of messaging have begun. That is why RIM has made the messaging UI a top priority for the BB 10 platform.

    A rich new messaging UI that allows for true multitasking is what we can expect to see in RIM's next generation BB 10 superphones. The software flow of the unified inbox and unique app grid will allow for a pleasant interface that most BlackBerry users will find to be a huge change from RIM's traditional BlackBerry OS'es. The ability to pop in and out of options within the messaging application is a big plus when you want to perform multiple action while still in an app. Most consumers take multitasking to a devices limits, and will appreciate BB 10's PlayBook like multitasking environment.

    The BB 10 OS depicted in the videos are not final releases, but they do give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. We expect to see more features and capabilities being released about BB 10 within the next few months. The BlackBerry 10 superphones are expected to be available later on this year.
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    Question Finding and wondering!

    I realized that the second clip shown two different time and the time s not changing 13:37?
    Secondly, am wondering how that keyboard (words suggestion) works for non-english writing?

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    Hi GeekBerry, this is because they are running a demo of the messages app. This is the same demo they have been using since BB World 2012. I imagine they do this as to safeguard showing anything by accident that they weren't suppose to reveal.

    As far as the BB 10 keyboard. I imagine that support for other languages will be available as time goes on, or, perhaps at launch.

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    Would be interesting to see what the keyboard looks like in landscape. Everything I have seen so far has always been in portrait orientation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by horangi7 View Post
    Would be interesting to see what the keyboard looks like in landscape. Everything I have seen so far has always been in portrait orientation.
    I totally agree with you on that Sir horangi7 I'm wondering now what it looks like.. Hmm..

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