With all of the excitement behind RIM's new BlackBerry 10 OS platform, many are wondering what will become of BBM. The messaging client has become a central figure among BlackBerry users and has been a huge selling point for RIM. The lack of a native BBM client on the PlayBook have turned some consumers away, and has left others thinking about its relationship to the BB 10 platform.

The good news is that RIM has not forgotten about BBM, and has been actively working on it for its next generation superphones. About two weeks ago RIM had its annual BlackBerry World Conference and shared with conference attendees how they were building BBM for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Shiladitya Sircar, Director of R&D BBM at RIM spoke regarding technical details regarding BBM on BlackBerry 10, but did share some concepts of what we can expect.

Clean and Simple Navigation

RIM is looking to implement a clean UI that users can quickly navigate to other areas of BBM. Tabs are an extremely nice feature to have on a touchscreen device. In addition users will be able to filter chats via a drop down menu from 1:1, multi-person, and groups.

Fluid and Intuitive Workflow

The BBM Contact List Grid allows users to filter their contacts for quick access. It looks like RIM wants to allow for smooth a smooth navigational experience as well as intuitive contact management.

Social Interactions

A new approach to social interactions has sparked a social view that allows for a timeline of other contacts activities.

RIM is working to make BBM a success on the BlackBerry 10 devices. As the wheels turn in developing BBM for BB 10 we can expect to see more new things coming from BBM over the next few months.