Apparently the folks over at crackberry have been given a sneak peek of RIM's 2012 roadmap, either that or its a nicely made up story. Either way the alleged roadmap hints towards some code names for RIM's upcoming BBX "superphones" The internet has been bubbling with guesses and statements regarding RIM's new QNX based devices. Names like London and Surfboard have already been said to be associated with the first BBX device set to drop in early 2012. As always rumors and speculation rule the internet when it comes things like this.

According to the roadmap preview we will see about five new BBX devices next year. That sounds about right based off of RIM's previous release history. In addition to the BlackBerry London codenamed "Lisbon," "Milan," "Nevada," and "Black Forest" will also be launched next year.

According to the report the BlackBerry Milan is slated for March, and may be similar to the BlackBerry London. Perhaps different versions for carriers. Other than the codename there isn't much yet out on the BlackBerry Lisbon. As for the BlackBerry Nevada it is said to be similar to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and may be slated for late November. Last but not least, is the BlackBerry Black Forest which may actually be a 10" PlayBook. Out of all of these the 10" PlayBook may be the most believable as RIM did tell us that they are working on a 10" PlayBook back in november at the BlackBerry Innovation Forums.

As always whenever someone tries to map out the future of a major company like RIM they are usually either partially right or completely off. So we will see about this one. Either way it seems as though we are slowly putting together the pieces of this BBX puzzle one rumor at a time.