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    BlackBerry X Platform to be announced at DevCon

    We've known for a while that the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones' OS will be feature a mixture of the QNX Tablet OS and the current BB7 OS. What we haven't known is the name of this future operating system. Would it be BlackBerry 8, or something else?

    Our friends over at have received word that the new OS will be revealed at DevCon in San Francisco. The name of BlackBerry's new OS will be BlackBerry X, or BBX for short. Stands to reason that Research In Motion would want to distinguish the old OS's with the new, and hopefully improved, QNX-based software.

    BlackBerry X just sounds great to me. The numbers thing is cool as it's a nice way to keep track of what OS came when, but RIM seems to want to draw the line in the sand clearly bringing the X into it and connecting it with the QNX base.
    • What do you think about the name BlackBerry X/BBX? Let us know in the forums!
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    This is great news. Either way we look at the extent OS 7 may be mixed in with QNX, they are still both Java based systems.

    It looks like they are more different then I thought, but both still do support Java....

    BlackBerry Tablet OS is an operating system based on the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system designed to run Adobe AIR and BlackBerry WebWorks applications. A BlackBerry Tablet OS Native Development Kit (to develop native C/C++ applications with industry standard GNU toolchains) is currently in closed beta testing.

    Support for BlackBerry Java and Android Apps is also due, enabling developers to repackage, code, sign and submit their BlackBerry Java and Android apps to BlackBerry App World for approval. The new optional app players will be available for download from BlackBerry App World and will be placed in a secure sandbox on the BlackBerry PlayBook where the BlackBerry Java or Android apps can be run.[2][3] The first device to run BlackBerry Tablet OS will be the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer.[4]
    A QNX-based OS will also replace the long standing BlackBerry OS on handsets after the current version 7. [5]

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    BBX = QNX re-branded.

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