Application Name: Dashcam Pro


Record live video and watermark video with datetime stamp, GPS coordinates and traveling speed. Perfect tool for security surveillance and personal use.

DashCam Pro is the only video application that watermark live video.


• Real time water mark of datetime stamp, GPS coordinates and speed on the actual video
• Settable video resolution from low to HD eg: 1080, 720, 640x480
• Settable video frame rate. 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 frames per second.
• Turn on and off video light
• Take screen shot of the current video frame
• Zoom in and out
• Support front and back cameras
• Settable text color for timestamp and GPS text on the video
• Settable text location. eg: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right
• Settable record time limit from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. DashCam Pro will save the video and start recording again
• Private mode to hide the video preview
• No need to purchase an expensive hardware
• Record to device or SD Card

DashCam Pro can also be used as normal camera app to watermark your videos with date time stamp.

Use DashCam Pro to protect yourself from reckless drivers.

Note: For best recording result we recommend that you use a camera mount.

BlackBerry World:

Price: $1.99