Bar Expenses is the application developed for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones.
It allows to calculate, track and do analysis of bar & restaurant expenses for single and multiple persons in easy and efficient way.
It is not just another “split the bill” application, but to split a cheque is one of its features.
The application allows evenly share your restaurant bills between several persons, also it is
possible to add meals and drinks which were ordered individually and therefore payment for such items shouldn’t be split between other people.
Bar Expenses provides an easy and efficient way for a group of people visiting bar or restaurant to calculate how much each of them has to pay.
It’s a great tool to control your bill, so restaurant staff won’t cheat you!
Bar Expenses will help to calculate the expenses after a team dinner, students lunch, party or simple hangout with friends at a bar.
No more algebra done on a back of a napkin or “heavy mathematics” after party in the morning.

Download Bar Expenses from BlackBerry World!