Application Name: Brightness Control


Brightness Control application allows you to setup schedules to automatically adjust the screen brightness during the day.

During the evenings you do not need the screen to be bright. By reducing the screen brightness this will make it easier for you to read and at the same time it saves battery life.

There are three schedules that you can set. You must enable the schedule first and then set the Start and End times for the schedule.

You can set a schedule to make the screen brighter from 6am to 6pm during the day and at night from 6pm to 11pm set it darker.

When there is no active schedule the system Display Brightness setting will be used.

Application Limitations

1. When automatically changing the brightness there is slight delay.

2. In a dark place you might experience the brightness changing often. This is due the OS sensor automatically making the screen brighter.

Please beware of the limitations before you purchase the application.

Tip: Brightness Control is useful at night when you are reading news, web browsing or reading a ebook. Do not move the device around. This will activate the sensor to readjust the brightness. This will cause Brightness Control application to keep readjusting the brightness thus giving some small flickering effect.

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