Application Name: Visual Arts


Visual Arts allows you to set a wallpaper for the HomeScreen and the LockScreen when the outside weather condition changes. The weather information such as the weather icon, temperature, city name and weather condition are displayed on the wallpaper automatically.

There are 48 weather conditions that you can set a different wallpaper for the HomeScreen and LockScreen. For example: When the weather condition is Hot you can set a different HomeScreen wallpaper, when the weather condition is Cloudy you can set a different wallpaper and when the weather condition is Raining you can set a different wallpaper and so on. If you prefer not to set a wallpaper for each weather condition then Visual Arts will use the global HomeScreen and LockScreen wallpapers.

Visual Arts is the most customized Wallpaper Changer for BlackBerry 10. When you edit a weather condition you can change the wallpaper layout. In the layout editor you can position the weather icon and weather text anywhere on the screen with simple drag and drop. You can even resize the weather icon, change the text color, text size, text font and even set the text automatically aligned to Left, Center or Right. You can instantly preview the wallpaper without actually setting the wallpaper.

When you are happy with the layout you can set the layout to all the 48 weather condition's HomeScreen and LockScreen. This will make all the wallpaper the same. Of course you can still manually edit each weather condition and change the layout.

Visual Arts is not just any wallpaper changer. A Calendar feature allows you to setup a HomeScreen and LockScreen wallpaper for any date of the year. The Calendar wallpaper is perfect to remember birthdays, anniversary, important meetings or any event you want. With the Calendar feature you can even set a new wallpaper for everyday of the year. That's 365 wallpapers. Just imagine a new wallpaper everyday!!!

That is not all. Visual Arts includes the ability to create Invisible icons on the HomeScreen. Use invisible icons as fillers on the HomeScreen to unclutter the HomeScreen and make the HomeScreen great looking. Please see screen shots of example use of invisible icons.

Even more surprises with Visual Arts. Don't like the default weather icons? No problem. Just goto the application menu in Visual Arts and select Theme. You can download and install new weather icon sets. If you do not like any of the icon Themes then you can create your own theme and just install it to the Visual Arts Theme folder. Very cool feature.

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