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    New App: Fake Call - Get out of boring situations

    Application Name: Fake Call


    The only Real Fake Call application for BlackBerry® 10.

    How much would you pay to get out of a boring meeting, bad date or a boring conversation?

    Fake Call is a program that is intended to give BlackBerry® owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions using the BlackBerry® -- by simulating incoming phone calls!

    A call will materialize from anyone you want, your phone will light up like a Christmas tree, your favorite ringtone will sound and, when you accept your fake call, an active call screen identical to a real one will display. This program is a true escape from any unwanted situation! You will not leave your home with your Phone again.


    * Authentic call screens with call timer
    * Delay the Fake Call from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. This will make the Fake Call more nature and realistic
    * Randomly pick a real person from your Contacts. More realistic than a static caller
    * Custom LED color flashes with the Fake Call
    * Vibrate with the Fake Call
    * Select your own ringtone for the Fake Call
    * Manually place a Fake Call
    * Use a keyboard shortcut to place a Fake Call. Only for devices with a physical keyboard


    Price: $0.99

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    What a coincidence. I needed to fake a call yesterday very badly. What I finally did was just very deftly play my ringtone from my media library. Will definitely buy this app for any future needs! Thanks!
    BB then, now, forever!

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