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    Audio recording app in the background

    Hello folks,

    I am not a Blackberry user so pardon if the question sounds silly.

    I am trying to help a colleague address workplace verbal harassment. A female in a male dominated workplace. So far all efforts to address the situation have failed because of 'lack of evidence' and purported culprits don't think its harassment at all, but just a workplace joking.

    Now she is onto collecting 'evidence', not too sure how she is going to do it with legality of this though.

    So here is the question,
    Is there any Blackberry app that can record audio in the background. She uses a Blackberry Bold 9650 like phone from Verizon. I am not too sure of the exact handset but it looks like Bold. No idea of OS version either, given by the workplace about 8-10 months ago. She can't use personal phone at the workplace hence taking chances with Blackberry app.

    Many thanks for all inputs.
    (P.S. - My sincere apology if this violates the forum rules, but this is a genuine question, not a troll.)

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    Just turn on the voice recording feature and record. If she has a company phone, that feature might not be available. Other options are to buy a separate recording device. Keep in mind that there are laws that govern these types of activities and proceed at your own risk.
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