Application Name: Enforcer

Requires OS10.3 and higher


Enforcer is designed with one sole purpose. Limit the amount of time the user can use your device.

If you let other people to use your device you can set the time in minutes to limit their usage. It is a perfect tool to limit your kids using your device.

Enforcer will lock the device when the time expires. You will need to enter the password to unlock the device. There is no way for the user to unlock the device. They can not close or bypass the Enforcer lock screen. It is recommend that you assign a device password for you device too.

If the user resets the device your device password will come up and they can not access your device. If you do not have a device password assigned then the user can just reset your device to bypass Enforcer lock screen.

Link: Enforcer - Limit Usage Time On The Device - BlackBerry World

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