Ultimate Backup for BlackBerry 10

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We are glad to inform the BlackBerryOS Community that as a part of "Festive Giveaway" , our application "Ultimate Backup For BlackBerry 10" is available for free for a limited time.

The application can be downloded from here - Ultimate Backup for BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry World

Description of the application :

Ultimate Backup is an all in one Backup Solution for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

It can Backup and Restore below contents.If the backup is scheduled, it would automatically run in Background and backup below components to cloud :

  • SMS and MMS
  • Contacts
  • Email (Export emails from selected accounts or all accounts)
  • Calendar
  • Phone Call Logs (OS 10.3 or later required.)
  • Reminder
  • Playlists
  • Music
  • Camera
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Express
  • Downloads
  • Print
  • Recorded
  • Voices
  • Misc

It can Backup these components to below :

  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • SD Card
  • Phone Memory

It includes a Scheduler which runs in Headless mode in background and it can automatically Backup the SMS,MMS,Contacts,Remember,Calendar and all other phone's files and folders at the specified time .If Dropbox, OneDrive or Box is specified for backup,the backup will be automatically taken on them by the inbuilt scheduler.Using this robust method,the phone's data will always be secure.

It also supports various other functionalities like viewing SMS/Contacts/Email/Calendar/Remember from the backup file,Searching any SMS/Contacts/Email/Calendar/Remember Events in the Backup files and replying to the SMS of a Backup file from within the application itself.

Additional features :

  • Backup SMS,MMS,Contact,Remember,Calendar and phone's all components to SD card,Dropbox,OneDrive,Box or Phone and Restore easily.
  • Export selected Email Accounts or all Email Accounts to CSV format.You can later on load the backup files into the app and view the emails or search into the backup files.You can also forward any selected email to an email address from the app itself.
  • Send the Backup files to any email address of your choice.(For SMS,MMS,Contact,Email,Remember and Calendar)
  • Delete all SMS/Contact/Calendar Events from Device in a single click.This could be useful if a clean restore is required to be done.
  • Search SMS/Contact/Email/Calendar/Remember in any of the Backup Files.The results are displayed in a list.Also,the reply could be done to the SMS from the application itself.For contacts,the calls can be made on the numbers that are displayed.
  • View all SMS/Contact/Email/Calendar/Remember items from any of the Backup files.
  • Support for Multiple Email accounts.Now you can select that from which email account the email should be sent.
  • Export SMS in XML,CSV and HTML format.Using XML file,the SMS can be restored to any smartphone device easily.
  • Import SMS from XML.Using this feature,the SMS can be restored from any XML file that is generated from an external device.
  • Backup Contacts in VCF,CSV,CBKP and HTML file format.VCF format file could be used to restore the contacts to any other mobile also.
  • Backup Calendar in VCS,CSV and HTML file format.Using VCS format,all calendar events could be imported to MS Outlook at once.
  • Export selected contacts to the VCF format.
  • SMS/Contact/Calendar/Remember backup in HTML format.You can now preview the SMS/Contact/Calendar/Remember in the web browser like Internet Explorer,Chrome,Safari etc.
  • SMS/Contact/Calendar/Remember backup in CSV format.Now you can preview the SMS/Contact/Calendar Backup file in MS Excel also using the CSV format file.

Download Ultimate Backup for BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry World

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