Application Name: Phone Tag - Unclutter your Contacts Application

Required BBOS10.3+


Is your Contacts application cluttered with Contacts that you never use or only use once in awhile? Wouldn't it be nice to tag all your calls and separate them from the Contacts application and still be able to call, text and email them and decide later if you want to add the caller to the Contacts application?

Phone Tag is just that. When you receive a incoming or make a outgoing call you can instruct Phone Tag to tag the call after you end the call. You can also use Tag Later feature to decide if you want to tag the call to Phone Tag. You can tag all calls or just caller's not in the Contacts application.

Phone Tag is integrated with the BlackBerry® Maps and Google Maps. You can easily display the address on the map.

Link: Phone Tag - BlackBerry World

Price: $1.99