Application Name: Buzz Off - Headless Call Blocker

BuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_102029.pngBuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_102024.pngBuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_101956.pngBuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_102037.pngBuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_102554.pngBuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_102606.pngBuzzOff: The most advanced call blocker for OS10.3-img_20140922_115716.png


Buzz Off is a advanced Headless call filter application that you decide when and who can call you. Buzz Off can reject incoming calls with caller id and Private/Unknown. You can setup Schedules for complete control of incoming calls.

Buzz Off is not just another Call Blocker. It has advanced Blacklist, Whitelist and Whitelist groups. Blacklist users will automatically be blocked. Whitelist users will allow to call you only when you decide when and what time. For greater control you can setup a Schedule when to allow people to call you. You can setup many different schedules like for work hours 8am to 5pm and assign a Whitelist group. Callers in your Whitelist groups will allow to call you. Any other callers will be automatically rejected.

With the advanced scheduling you can even set the date in the future when you want Buzz Off to block calls. For example: If you do shift work and the days varies from week to week. You can simply create a new schedule and set the start date and end date and the time you want to block calls. Assign up to 5 different Whitelist groups to the schedule or just leave the group as Whitelist. Anyone not in the Whitelist will be rejected.

The Scheduler is for advanced users. If you just simply want to block some individual numbers then just add the caller to the Blacklist.

You can select the number from the Buzz Off Call Log screen, manually add caller number or do a lookup in the Contacts application.

There are a number of Notifications that you can set when a call is blocked. You can set a notification in the Hub with the callers' number and name is the caller is in your Contacts. Vibrate and flash the LED. You can also send a SMS text message to the caller. Callers with Unknown or Private number will not get a text message.

Buzz Off is a robust and complete call filter resolution to protect you from spammers and control all your incoming calls.

With Buzz Off you can take back your life and be spam free. Take control of your calls and decide when and who can call you now.

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Price: $2.99