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Don't have enough time to exercise every day? Try the 7-Minute Workout! Everyone Has Seven Minutes a Day
This workout has been featured in the New York Times ( and Mercola Fitness (The Scientific 7-Minute Workout). The original research article was published at
All you need is a wall and a chair.
12 exercises are performed for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of transition time between bouts.
Total time for the entire circuit workout is approximately 7 minutes.
1. Jumping jacks - Total body
2. Wall sit - Lower body
3. Push-up - Upper body
4. Abdominal crunch - Core
5. Step-up onto chair - Total body
6. Squat -Lower body
7. Triceps dip on chair - Upper body
8. Plank - Core
9. High knees/running in place - Total body
10. Lunge - Lower body
11. Push-up and rotation - Upper body
12. Side plank - Core

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