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    ARKick updated to v2.0 - now live on BlackBerry World

    Hello everyone,
    ReFocus Tech is proud to announce that the award winning Augmented Reality app ARKICK has been updated to v2.0 on BB World!

    ARKick updated to v2.0 - now live on BlackBerry World-arkick-2-banner-png

    With this update, ReFocus boasts a completely new feature “Virtual Locations”. With Virtual Locations, all you have to do is enter a date, time and a place. In return, the app will consider that you are currently at the said place, and filter places with that context. This is very useful in preparing for future journeys, outings, and visits.

    Along with that, the next biggest difference users will notice is a new ‘homescreen’ with shortcuts to the most frequently used categories, as well as one for the sidekick engine. This makes browsing for places in ARKick a lot faster than before.

    The full list of changes include:

    • Improved Sidekick Engine (Better suggestions via more contextual filters)
    • Revamped user interface
    • Home screen shortcuts for frequently used categories and sidekick engine
    • Virtual locations – Experience any place in AR view, without having to go there!
    • Estimation of time to destination
    • More compact info page, showing only necessary information
    • Map now enhanced with a traffic layer
    • Multiple category selection
    • New app icon, in preparation for Blackberry 10.3
    • Optimized for Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5
    • Drastically reduced loading/wait time
    • Reduced file size from 12mb to 6mb

    ReFocus Tech has also launched a teaser video for ARKick 2.0 dubbed "ARKick Reloaded":
    ARKick Reloaded - v2.0 Launch Teaser - YouTube


    ‘ARKick is your personalilzed contextual Augmented Reality Sidekick.'
    ARKick is the world's leading contextual Augmented Reality app which helps you find nearby places in the most innovative way ever!
    Use ARKick to find places in the camera view based on your context- location, weather, time and also based on trending places near you via our Sidekick Engine.

    ARKick Features:
    - Easy to use augmented reality experience
    - Sidekick Mode- Personalized recommendations based on our contextual engine
    - Over 200 different categories of places to select from
    - Multiple selection of categories
    - Virtual Location (Experience any place in AR view, without having to go there)
    - Shortcuts to frequently searched categories on home screen
    - Get detailed information about places (Phone no, directions, address, ratings, etc)
    - Get to know the time to reach a place, depending on traffic conditions

    ARKick Awards:
    - Winner of AngelHack Start-Up Asia Pacific Challenge 2013
    - People's Choice Award at Blackberry Jam Asia

    Apart from showing places, the user can get information like time to reach the place, directions in a map view, an option to call, ratings and other essential information. The app works internationally.


    ReFocus Tech is a technology startup working on application, game and web development. Currently focusing on Augmented Reality technologies, contextual apps and 3D Game Development. ReFocus Tech creates optimal and quick solutions for challenging problems, be it an app or a website – no fuss, just honest hard work and a great team.
    For more information visit: ReFocus Tech

    Previously ‘ReFocus Tech’ was known as ‘ReFocus Labs’.

    ARKick for BlackBerry 10 is available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront for $2.99: ARKick - BlackBerry World

    Contact: /
    BBM Pin: C004BN2DA

    Please use this thread as an official venue to post bugs, feedback, crash reports and any other comments related to ARKick v2.0. Alternatively you may contact us on via of the official contact channels
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ARKick updated to v2.0 - now live on BlackBerry World-290382d1407866001t-arkick-updated-v2-0-now-live-blackberry-world-arkick-2-featured-image-png  

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