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    Thumbs up Six Pack Abs in 30 days

    Two things are essential to get a six pack – diet to reduce total body fat and exercise to strengthen and develop the abdominal muscles. However, losing your belly fat and getting a six pack is one of the hardest goals to achieve. So here we have given weight loss secrets, through which you can reduce your calories in day to day life naturally. And this weight loss through calories will help you to fulfill your six pack abs.
    - 10 to 30 minute full abs workouts
    - Workout plan 30 days
    - 7 Minute Workout
    - 100+ diet repices
    - Exercises are grouped by muscle group and difficulty level (easy, medium, hard)
    - Video showing how to do each exercise
    - Setting voice instructions and timer per exercise.
    - On-screen instructions and timer
    - Add your workouts to the calendar
    - Developed by a certified personal trainer
    - No internet connection
    - 7 Minute Workout. 12 exercises are performed for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of transition time between bouts. This workout has been featured in the New York Times ( and Mercola Fitness (The Scientific 7-Minute Workout). The original research article was published at HIGH-INTENSITY CIRCUIT TRAINING USING BODY WEIGHT: Maximum R... : ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal
    Total time for the entire circuit workout is approximately 7 minutes.
    1. Jumping jacks - Total body
    2. Wall sit - Lower body
    3. Push-up - Upper body
    4. Abdominal crunch - Core
    5. Step-up onto chair - Total body
    6. Squat -Lower body
    7. Triceps dip on chair - Upper body
    8. Plank - Core
    9. High knees/running in place - Total body
    10. Lunge - Lower body
    11. Push-up and rotation - Upper body
    12. Side plank - Core

    LINK : Six Pack Abs - BlackBerry World

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    New version of Six Pack Pro released

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