Dance Central! — Find the Core of your Rhythm!
A energetic and fun way to keep fit. Dance Central! will help you learn popular dance steps while working and toning your body. With a wide variety of dance styles, our instructor will guide you through steps and moves for different dance styles from Club Freestyle, Disco, Bachata, Salsa and Samba, to Burlesque, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Merengue and Swing.
The app’s fluid animations were created using motion capture technology.
Dance Patterns:
- 225 individual dance animations w/detailed instructions on footwork, movement/direction, timing/rhythm, torso/hip action and arm movements.
- Easily switch between front and side views.
- Practice each pattern individually until mastered.
- Easily add patterns to a customized dance routine.
- Exercises are grouped by dance styles and difficulty level (easy, medium, hard)
Have fun and enjoy your workout!

LINK : Dance Central - BlackBerry World