Application Name : Sound Shortcuts

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Sound ShortCuts allows you to create System Sound Notification short cuts on the HomeScreen. The short cut is just like an application. When you run the short cut it will change the system Sound Notification. There is no need to waste your time opening the Settings application, select Notification, select the Mode and close the Settings application. You can do all this just by launching the shortcut.

You can delete the short cut just like an application. Select the short cut and hold it until you see the Trashcan.

You can create any of the five system Sound Notifications: Silent, Vibrate, Normal, Phone Only or All Alerts Off.

You can also set the LED, Vibrate, Sound, Instant Preview to On or Off and set the Volume for each Sound Notification.

Included with the application are 94 application icons that you can use for short cut icon on the HomeScreen.

There are many combinations that you can set for a short cut. Here are some examples:

* Set the Volume to 50% only
* Turn off Vibrate for Normal sound notification
* Turn off Instand Preview
* Turn off Vibrate and Led
* Turn Volume to 0 for Normal

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