Unsend/Intercept your emails now on BB10 using UnSend Emailapp.

** All email account types are supported on OS 10.3 **
** ONLY ActiveSync accounts are supported for OS versions below 10.3 **

Avoid send accidents. Unsend your sent emails before going oops!! YES, now you can intercept any email message on BlackBerry® 10 devices.

Accidentally forwarded an inappropriate email to your boss or coworkers? Or maybe you forgot to add a recipient or to include an attachment to an email. If you ever regret sending an email & wishing you could 'unsend' it, now you can 'undo' a sent email with UnSend Email.

With Unsend, you will never have to worry about accidentally sending or forwarding an email to the wrong person. With the simple long press from the BlackBerry® HUB, you can 'unsend' an email moments after sending it. This is a must-have application - it can save you from being embarrassed!

Note: Currently only available for Activesync email accounts.

Configure Delay: This is the time before the message will be sent. The default value is 10 sec
1. Open UnSend Email
2. Swipe down from the top
3. Click on Settings
4. Use "Send Delay" slider to set the duration

1. Compose and send email message
2. The email message will be intercepted by UnSend and kept in its send queue. The message will be automatically sent after the send delay.
3. If you want to unsend a pending email, long press on the message in the BlackBerry HUB, and click on "Share | Unsend" from the context menu.
4. List of pending email message is displayed
5. Tap on a pending message to unsend an email
6. The unsent email will now be a permanent draft for you to edit and resend

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