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Ever had a situation where you are in a important meeting and you forgot to turn off the phone Ringer and your favorite funky ringtone start to play when you get a phone call?

Well now you don't have to worry about that anymore. With bQuiet you can set a system Sound Profile to Vibrate, Silent or any system profile from 1 minute to 24 hours and bQuiet will automatically switch back to previous sound profile.

There are two ways that you can change Sound Notification.

1. Manually run bQuiet and set the new Sound Notification. This allows you to set the duration time for the new Sound Notification. Since bQuiet is Headless you can close the application after changing the Sound Notification.

2. Manually run the Settings application and then select Notification. Set the new Notification mode. You will then get a Instant Preview message. Open the message and then set the duration you want the Sound Notification to last.

Note: Instant Preview must be turned ON in the Settings application and in the Notification screen. If it is turned OFF you will not be able to set the duration time.

When the duration time expires bQuiet will automatically change the Sound Notification back to the previous mode.

Permissions: bQuiet requires: Run in Background, Notification Control and Connect to BBM.

BlackBerry World: bQuiet - BlackBerry World

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