This drink recipe app will lift your spirits and get you in the mood for great holiday party hosting. There are amazing recipes, including eggnog recipes, punch recipes, cider recipes, to add to all of your holiday favorites. Many drink recipes and creative ideas have been brought together all in one convenient place. This app has been expertly designed to be easily understood. Its step by step instructions will make the preparation and mixing of holiday drinks a snap. Packed with features and graphics, Drink Recipes will delight and please the drink mixing hosts as much as the guests.

- Over 1000+ drink recipes
- Full descriptions and pictures about ingredients,instructions,cooking time,difficulty,servings,...
- Group Recipes : Apple, Banana, Breakfast, Chocolate, Cocktails, Coffee, Cooler, For Kids, Healthy Breakfast Drink,...
- Developed by a certified personal chef
- No internet connection

LINK : 1000+ Drink Recipes - BlackBerry World