Application Name: Holster Profile - Change Sound Notification

Holster Profile - Change Sound Profile Headlessly-img_20140424_085530-png Holster Profile - Change Sound Profile Headlessly-img_20140424_085601-png

Holster Profile is a Headless application that allows you to assign different Sound Notification when you put your BlackBerry® in the Holster and when you take the BlackBerry® out of the Holster. You can also change the Volume for Alert and Notification and the Main Volume for applications.

On the main screen there are two tab icons. InHolster and OutHolster. Both screens are identical with the same settings. Set the notification mode for In Holster and Out Holster and then close the application. No need to have the application opened.

Holster Profile does not blink the LED or play the ringtones. It only changes the Notification Settings, Volume and the Main Volume.

BlackBerry World: Holster Profile - BlackBerry World

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