Application Name: GeoToolBox the Ultimate On Location Manager

GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_223857-png GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_215803-png GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_214940-png GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_215010-png GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_215037-png GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_215113-png GeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_214927-pngGeoToolBox - Ultimate On Location Manager-img_20140414_220420-png


GeoToolBox is a Headless on location base application that allows you to do the following when you enter or leave a location.

• Send a Text Message
• Send an Email Message with attachment
• Save an Calendar event to the Calendar app with location and duration time. Perfect for billing
•Change Sound Notification eg: Silent, Vibrate, Normail
•Change Wallpaper
•Turn On or Off Bluetooth
•Turn On Wifi
•Notify to turn Off Wifi due to limited API
•Play a notification tone
•Reminder note in the Hub for important message when you enter the location

You can set to do all of the above or pick the functions you want to apply when you enter or leave the location.

Template databases allow you to easily add template items so that you can setup each location with different settings. You can set to change a Sound Notification at one location, set a different different wallpaper, turn on bluetooth when you leave home, turn on wifi when you enter your home etc...

For business users you can setup GeoToolBox to save a new Calendar event when you leave a location. This is perfect for billing clients. You can easily see how long you spent at the client's office.

If you need to notify your family when you arrive at work or when you leave work you can easily setup to send them an email or a text message. Everything is done automatically in the background when you leave or enter a location.

Note: Due to GPS it may take sometime receive the location change from the BlackBerry OS. This can be as long as 15 minutes.

Interactive map allows you to pick your location or you can search a location using the Location Picker.

BlackBerry World Link: GeoToolBox - BlackBerry World

Price: $1.99 USD