Classical music has been proven to be the music of intelligence. Recent studies have shown that listening to classical music can have lasting effects on one's brain; it can stimulate brain function in developing infants and improve comprehension of math and other computing skills in adults. It trains the brain to acknowledge all the parts that work together to make the whole.
Classical Music for Kids - featured albums selected by musical experts to increase baby's cognitive skills!
Classical Music for Kids includes 12 albums of Mozart compositions. Each album has specially selected music, to enhance learning, spatial intelligence, creativity and body awareness.
This edition of the software is dedicated to parents, children and everybody else who believes that Mozart’s music have a transformational power in health, education, and well-being.
Some of the hundreds of benefits are:
- Improves test score
- Cuts learning time
- Calms hyperactive children and adults
- Reduces errors
- Improves creativity and clarity
- Heals the body faster
- Integrates both sides of the brain for more efficient learning
- Raises IQ scores 9 points (research done at University of California, Irvine)

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