This app is for all fans of martial arts who want to see amazing facts and videos that will raise adrenaline for sure. Beside fun you will learn lot of useful fighting facts that you didn't know.
Maybe you just want to learn how to defend your self by watching basic steps from top world top professionals in hand-to-hand combat, you'll be delighted with the materials that these application provides for you.
This interactive course consists of preventive, defensive and legal strategies.
It's fundamental to take the necesary preventive measurements, in order to avoid an attack.
When you are attacked, you need to know what the basic self defense protocol is.
And finally, when you have been attacked you need to know what legal and policial steps you need to take.
Don't forget that knowing how to defend yourself can save your life.
- Exercises are grouped by level group
- Video showing how to do each exercise
- On-screen instructions and timer
- Developed by a black belt 8º degree
- No internet connection

LINK : Martial Art - BlackBerry World