If you always sitting in front of computer or TV for several hours a day, your body might be hurt by keep a posture for a long time. Office Workout could help relax through several simple actions.

Just follow instructions in our program! Lets your body and eyes have a rest. Doing this simple office workout will prevent you from eyes disease, carpal tunnel syndrome and other diseases. Set settings to remind you about exercises every hour (30 minutes. 4 hours, 1 day) and make your work at desk in office more comfortable. Personal trainer for office managers, students, housewives and all people who work a lot at the computer desk.


. Total 23 office exercises, divided into 3 set actions, help you to stretching all tired muscles.
. 100 healthy recipes - give you all energy you need for work.
. 11 eyes exercises to prevent you from eyes disease.
. Training at your desk, wrist exercises, eyes workout, chair exercises.
. Timer for stretching exercises.

Price: Free

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Hope you enjoy this application .