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    Power Tools v3 now supports LED for BBM, WhatsApp, Flip Hush and more

    Version 3 is now available and with massive update.

    Power Tools v3 now supports LED for BBM, WhatsApp, Flip Hush and more-img_20140304_094706-png

    * Support LED for incoming message BBM, WhatsApp, Blaq, Social Accounts and more. NO individual contact.

    * Flip Hush to Silent your BB. Perfect when you are in meetings. Flip it back and it goes back to normal

    * The WAVE. When the LED is blinking or ringtone is playing you can just wave at the top of your BB and turn them off. You don't even have to touch your BB. Perfect when you are in meetings

    * Turn on WiFi on a schedule

    * 17 new 3-color combos for LED

    * Smart wallpaper change mode to avoid the annoying toast message

    Click here for BlackBerry World Power Tools - BlackBerry World

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    These are some pretty awesome features. More than any app I'm aware of. I will purchase this app one day.

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