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    Get 6 great paid games for F R E E.

    Hi everyone, Iím Jean-Claude from Ovogame. Iíve made some great games for BB10 (native) and Iím running a big sale.
    If you BUY Jump Birdy Jump: Jump Birdy Jump - BlackBerry World

    Iíll offer you my entire portfolio for F R E E:
    Ovogame - BlackBerry World

    To get all the details, please go HERE.

    Iíve been supporting the BlackBerry platform a lot, and Iím planning to carry on doing so, but I also need a bit of your support. I hope you can help.

    Please donít hesitate to post a comment in this thread, Iím looking for to hear what you think of this initiative.


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    The promotion is still running. Will be closed on the 3rd of March, so hurry up

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