Do you want a chiseled 6 pack? Do you want rock-hard abs? Get them by following the workout routine in the "7 Minute Abs" application.
No gym, no equipment, no problem. Follow these simple exercises for proven results. Best of all, these workouts are designed to work for people who struggle with back problems.
***More Info***
The name gives the good part away; 7 Minute Abs is designed to be done in roughly 7 minute sessions. People often think that they have to exercise for hours to get results, but this is not the case. With 7 Minute Abs, 7 minutes (every other day) is all it takes.
7 Minute Abs is truly unique because it is made up of exercises that are not harmful towards your back. I have a history of back problems and even gave up working out my abs for years because of it. After learning a great routine, I decided to put it in app format. Nothing is more convenient than having your exercises with you on your phone.
All the workouts are graphically represented to ensure the user has sufficient direction. Recommended reps and sets are provided as well.
Why wait? Get ripped now!

LINK : 7 Minute 6 Pack Abs - BlackBerry World