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    Red face Healthy Cooking Recipes - Top secret and healthy recipes researched by professional nutritionist

    Include 380+ HEALTHY recipes, the recipes are researched by professional nutritionist,
    safety for losing or gaining weight, divided into 15 categories and continue updating.

    - Details of each Healthy Recipe.
    - Tell to the ingredients and proportions for each recipe.
    - Preparation of equipment and various side dishes.
    - Tips & Notes that you should be know.
    - Nutrition received, the amount of calories per serving.
    - The time it takes to cook.

    Include 15 categories:
    - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Vegetable
    - Burger, Sandwich, Snack, Soup
    - Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, Salad

    Price: Free

    BBUrl: Healthy Cooking Recipes - BlackBerry World
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    Hope you like this application

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    Well, looks like i could use a go on that application. Given that i am a avid cook, this application might be quite worth it.

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