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    Cool First Headless Color LED App is finally here!!!!

    Color LED Message the FIRST Headless LED application for BlackBerry 10!!!

    The wait is over. Color LED Message is now completely Headless for OS10.2.1 and higher. No more Active Frame.

    Same cool features as the original Color LED Message.


    • Completely Headless
    • Supports Account level LED
    • Custom LED for all Text and Email contacts
    • Custom LED for support Social Accounts
    • Custom Ringtone for Text and Email. Includes default ringtones
    • Incoming call LED
    • Missed Call LED
    • Cell network strength LED. Different LED for Signal and No signal
    • Set global LED blinking speed
    • Screen lock sounds
    • Completely integrated with System Notification. So when you set the Notification to Vibrate or LED off Color LED will do just that

    *BBM and WhatsUp are not supported because there are no API to access the messages yet.

    What to automatically control the system Sound Notification? No problem get Profile Change Pro. With Profile Changer Pro you do not have to worry about when to switch sound notification Off when you sleep, wakeup, go to meeting, social events, quiet time etc.. You can schedule all that with Profile Changer Pro. The great thing about Profile Changer Pro it is Headless too.

    Click here Profile Changer Pro - BlackBerry World

    Get it at BlackBerry World Color Led Message - BlackBerry World

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