Hello BBos/BB Friends,

Last weekend I offer my help for a Dutch website that reports Safety Camera Controles and Mobile Speed Controles. They also have a android app that is called FlitsNav, this app use GPS to warn drivers for a up coming police control. Untill i used BB10 I was very angry that it was not for BlackBerry legal devices.

So when i loaded os on my BlackBerry i try to sideload the FlitsNav app on my BB10 to see if it will work. Because not all android apps run smooth on BB10 (Google Play support etc etc). So i was very happy to see the app works, even with the build in GPS on my Q10. Also when i start the app, it automatic reports me to switch on Location settings GREAT.

Then I did a drive test (at that moment very close by my house a police officer was doing a speed control) so I put it in my dock and drive to the speed test, PIEP PIEP and on the display a small Rose with a arrow change color from green to yellow and then to red if you are very close to the control.

When I was back home, I sit my self down behind Gmail and sent the website owner and app developer a email with screenshot: FlitsNav working on BlackBerry 10. I also told them that i can help them to write a tutorial. It was a little bit of work, but just a couple of minuts ago the tutorial showed up on there site (they even had to break it up in 2 parts haha).

So i would like to share my first tutorial urls here, and special for my Dutch and Belgium friends Try it it helps you save money.

FlitsNav op Blackberry 10 toestellen - deel 1
FlitsNav op BlackBerry 10 toestellen - deel 2

Kindly Regards