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    Screen Recorder - Record everything on the screen to MP4 Movie

    Application Name: Screen Recorder

    Screen Recorder - Record everything on the screen to MP4 Movie-img_00002661.png Screen Recorder - Record everything on the screen to MP4 Movie-img_00002656.pngScreen Recorder - Record everything on the screen to MP4 Movie-img_00002662.png


    Screen Recorder is a video recording tool that records what you see on the screen to MP4 movie.

    Whatever you do on the screen such as moving from one HomeScreen page to another, launching an application, playing a game etc... will be recorded including sound.

    Screen Recorder is simple and super easy to use. Just press the Start button to record and press the Stop button to stop. You can also press and hold the Down Volume key to Start and Stop recording. This is perfect to skip recording the Screen Recorder app screens and make perfect video.

    When the video is saved you can Play it back. The video is saved to the System video folder so you can use the Video application to play and share your video.

    Screen Recorder is a perfect tool for bloggers and reviewers to quickly and easily make video of the application. An ideal tool for educational use. You can make Help or instructional video of your application or how-to using the BlackBerry device.

    For technical support you can use Screen Recorder to record the exact steps to solve the user's problem.

    Note: All permissions must be set to Allow otherwise the application will not work.

    Link: Screen Recorder - BlackBerry World

    Price: $0.99 USD

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    Here is a demo video that I have recorded on the Z10. The original file is 220Meg and it was re-encoded.

    Note that when recording audio from some applications may be disabled by the OS because it is recording. The music here is from the Music app. I just started the song before recording.

    The quality of the video is much better when viewed without re-encoding.

    From the demo you get the idea of how the app works.

    ScreenRecorderDemo xvid - YouTube

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    New update is available.

    Change Log

    * Can now record in High or Low Resolution format

    * Support recording to SD Card

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