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    Profile Changer Pro - Automatically Change Sound Profile and More for OS10.2+

    Application Name: Profile Changer Pro - Automate System Sound Switching

    The one and only Sound Profile Changer for BlackBerry 10.

    Profile Changer Pro - Automatically Change Sound Profile and More for OS10.2+-img_00000023.png Profile Changer Pro - Automatically Change Sound Profile and More for OS10.2+-img_00000013.png Profile Changer Pro - Automatically Change Sound Profile and More for OS10.2+-img_00000018.png Profile Changer Pro - Automatically Change Sound Profile and More for OS10.2+-img_00000020.png Profile Changer Pro - Automatically Change Sound Profile and More for OS10.2+-img_00000022.png


    We all know how embarrassing it is when our BlackBerry® Smartphone rings or make noises during important Meetings, Social Events, Church, Doctor's Office and the list goes on and on.

    There has never been a easy way to silent the phone or automatically switch a sound profile without intervention.

    Profile Changer Pro is designed specifically for BlackBerry® 10. There are no longer any limitations when switching a sound profile like when the keyboard is locked, in the Holster or password locked. Optionally you can set to turn on and off Bluetooth, change a Wallpaper and set a custom ringtone for a Profile.

    Profile Changer supports three different types of Profile switching.

    1. Timed Profiles - This will switch the profile on the exact time during the day. You can set the Timed profile to repeat Daily or Weekly

    2. Calendar Keyword - Set up Keywords in Profile Changer and then create normal Calendar appointments and have the Keyword in the Subject or Note field. Profile Changer will automatically create a new Profile and will switch the Sound Profile automatically when the appointment is up. You can even create appointments in the Future date. You can change the appointment in the Calendar application and Profile Changer will make the changes automatically like changing the Start time.

    3. One Time Profile - Set a profile to switch for a specific time period from 15 minutes to 8 hours. When the time is up Profile Changer will automatically change the profile back to the last active profile. Very useful if you do not want to be disturbed.

    Wall paper and Ringtone

    With each profile you can set a custom Wallpaper to change. Just browse for your wallpaper and select it.

    A Ringtone can be assigned to any profile. You might want a professional ringtone for work and more funky ringtone for home. Please read the Help screen in Profile Changer on how to assign the custom ringtone.

    Bonus feature

    You can use Profile Changer to change the LED color for all incoming calls, text messages, email accounts and social accounts. Setting a color is easy as selecting the email account and selecting a color and blink duration.

    With Profile Changer you will never be embarrassed again when you have your BlackBerry® Smartphone with you. If you just want a good night sleep without interruption or you just want to have a few hours of quiet time then you can count on Profile Changer.

    Note: Profile Changer must be running in Active Frame or background. Make sure you set permissions to all allow in the Settings-Security Privacy-Application Permissions app for Profile Changer.


    * Designed specifically for BlackBerry® Smartphone 10
    * Supports three types of Profiles: Daily/Weekly timer, Calendar keyword integration and One Time Profile
    * Works when the keyboard or screen is locked without user intervention
    * Works when the device is in the Holster without user intervention
    * Works when the device has a password lock without user intervention
    * Optionally you can set to turn on and off Bluetooth for each profile
    * Optionally you can set to change a Wallpaper for each profile
    * Optionally set a custom ringtone for each profile
    * One Time Profile when you just do not want to be disturbed. You can set it from 5 minutes to 10 Hours and Profile Changer will automatically set the Sound Profile back
    * Backup and Restore of all your Profiles to the SD Card. SD Card is required. Very useful when you upgrade the OS
    * Automatically creates Scheduled Calendar Profile when you enter a keyword when you create a new appointment. No more worry about your phone ringing in bad situations
    * Set LED color for all Incoming calls
    * Set LED color for any of your email accounts
    * Set LED color for Social Accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    * Vibrate on Call Connect and Call Disconnect


    BlackBerry 10: BlackBerry World - Profile Changer Pro

    BlackBerry 7.1: BlackBerry World - Profile Changer - Automatically change sound profile using Daily Timer… Calendar Keywords …Location base

    Price: $2.99

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    A new day a new update

    Version 2.0 is now available for OS10.2 and higher and is completely Headless support.

    The only true sound profile changer for BB10 period. Now you can be more productive and avoid all the distractions.
    Need a good night sleep or quiet time? No problem just let Profile Changer manage your Sound Profiles.

    Bonus: Includes Account level custom LED notification for text, email and social account. Sorry no custom LED for individual contacts. That is another app

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