Hello again BBOS Members!

Ive just released a simple new calculator app for online marketers that allows you to calculate your website sales conversions and profits the simple way.

No need to whip out a calculator to do long complicated equations, just use WebMetrix to calculate your product, website or membership conversions and sales!

Compare between your current site metrics to another set to see the results of changes such as pricing, conversion and profits.

This is a great app for bloggers, website owners, information marketers, internet marketers, and membership owners who want to work out their numbers and predict profits.

*** Z10, Q10 and Q5 are all supported! *** Minimum OS 10.1

As always, feedback and feature requests are encouraged!!

BlackBerry World Link: BlackBerry World - WebMetrix

BlackBerry World QRCode:

Price: $0.99

Limited time special only for the initial launch of WebMetrix!

A few Screenshots (more in BB World):
WebMetrix - Website Sales Conversion and Profits Calculator! - Native Cascades!-screen1.png WebMetrix - Website Sales Conversion and Profits Calculator! - Native Cascades!-screen2.png

App Permissions:
This application asks for BBM. It connects to BBM only to allow you to invite others to download.

Main Site: Jason Oickle | Independent BlackBerry Developer
Twitter: @skrewball

You can also reach me here on BlackBerryOS!

I hope you enjoy this app!