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    File Shredder - Wipe file clean from recoverable state

    Application Name: File Shredder


    File Shredder is the ultimate tool to wipe your confidential and sensitive information clean from recovery.

    When the BlackBerry operating system, file managers, and other 3rd party software delete a file is not immediately deleted when the user requests that action. Instead, the operating system marks the space allocated by the file as free. The data is still there readable by any recovery program.

    File Shredder is a stand alone application and is also integrated into the BlackBerry 10 operating system. You can manually select files to wipe or use the Share and Open In feature to wipe files.

    When you delete files with File Shredder it uses the seven-pass pattern to wipe the file clean before it is deleted. This will ensure that the physical space in memory or SD Card occupied by the file is wiped clean and not readable by recovery programs.

    File Shredder is integrated with the Pictures, Video, File Manager, Docs To Go and all applications that have Share and Open In features. Instead of selecting the Delete menu select Share and then select File Shredder or Open In and then select File Shredder. You will then be prompted to shred the file.

    Your pictures, voice memo, documents, videos and other files are still readable when deleted. Use File Shredder to wipe sensitive, personal and confidential information clean. Don't just delete it. Wipe it clean.

    Note: Even when the file is wiped and deleted recovery programs will still be able to recovery the deleted file. But the wiped file is unreadable.

    Note: Make sure you allow all the permissions for application to work correctly.

    BlackBerry 10 Link: BlackBerry World - File Shredder

    BlackBerry OS5+ Link: BlackBerry World - Wipe File

    Price: $0.99
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails File Shredder - Wipe file clean from recoverable state-img_00002225-png   File Shredder - Wipe file clean from recoverable state-img_00002214-png   File Shredder - Wipe file clean from recoverable state-img_00002230-png   File Shredder - Wipe file clean from recoverable state-img_00002223-png   File Shredder - Wipe file clean from recoverable state-img_00002229-png  
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