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    Color Led Messages - Lighting up your BB10

    App Name: Color Led Message

    This App has been specifically architected for a BlackBerry® 10 experience. The Built for BlackBerry designation is your assurance that this App meets BlackBerry’s high standards for quality and performance.


    Color Led Message is the ultimate and best Led color application for BlackBerry® 10. Customize Led color of BBM, WhatsApp, incoming calls, sms text messages, email messages, email accounts, social accounts such as FaceBook, Twitter and others, no network signal, custom message and text ringtone (use built-in or our own tones) and variable vibrate duration.

    Use Color Led Message to customize Led blinking colors for incoming SMS, Email messages and Accounts. Each of your contacts can have a different Led color or you can assign a different Led color for each of your Accounts, vibrate duration from 1 to 10 seconds, use built-in message tones or select your own message tone. You can choose from the 7 system Led colors: Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Red, Yellow or White.

    Incoming and Missed Phone Calls
    You can also assign a different Led color for all incoming and missed calls. No more boring blinking red color. You can select any of the 7 system colors or the Rainbow color to light up your phone like a Xmas tree.

    Blinking Led
    Blink duration can be controlled for each contact. You can set the blinking number from 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 or forever until you can read or delete the message or manually turn off the led blinking in the application. One led blink is about 1 second.

    The blink led will automatically turn off when you read or delete the message. Each message has a led assigned to it. So if you read one message the led will continue to blink because you have other unread messages. Of course you can turn off the led for that account whenever you read or delete a message from that account. You do not have the manually turn off the led. Color Led Message automatically does it for you.

    Daily Timer Profile to turn off Tone and Vibrate
    Color Led Message is the only Led application that have support for Timer Profile. If you do not want to be disturbed with the ringtone or vibrate you can turn on Daily Profile and set the Start and End times to turn off the ringtone and vibrate in Color Led Message. This is useful for meetings when you just need to see the blinking Led light and do not need to hear the tone. For bed time Daily Profile is MUST if you want to have a good night sleep and don't want to be distracted with all the incoming messages.

    Automatic Sync Messages
    Another unique feature in Color Led Message is to set a different time interval to sync all your messages. The default system message sync for email account is 15mins to 24 hours. Color Led Message sync gives you finer choices from 1min to 15 mins interval. Why wait every 15 minutes while you can sync your messages every minute or 5 minutes. Use Color Led Message sync to get your messages faster.

    Bedside Mode
    Color Led Message will automatically turn off notification when you turn on Beside Mode. You can enable and disable this feature in the Settings.

    Screen and Password Lock Sounds
    Another unique feature is to play a sound when the screen or password locked or unlocked.

    Active Frame
    When you put Color Led Message in active frame you will see the Battery Percentage and Memory Left status on the screen. This again is unique feature in Color Led Message.

    No Cellular Signal
    Set a different Led color when there is no cell signal.

    Application Permissions: You must allow all the permissions asked by Color Led Message. If you denied any of the permissions the application will not run properly. Color Led Message does not send or store your PIM information. It just reads the information.

    * Customize led color for all incoming BBM messages
    * Customize led color for all incoming WhatsApp messages
    * Customize led color for all incoming calls
    * Customize led color for SMS messages
    * Customize led color for email messages
    * Customize led color for different message Accounts eg: sms, email
    * Customize led color for individual contacts
    * Customize led color for Social accounts such as FaceBook, Twitter and others
    * Customize ringtone for new messages with built-in tones or your own tones
    * Automatically sync all you messages with new timer interval from 1 min to 15mins NOT 15mins to 24 hours. Get your message faster.
    * Timer Profile to temporarily turn off Tone and Vibrate for important meetings or when you goto bed and do not want to be disturbed
    * Vibrate from 1 to 10 seconds when new message arrives
    * Supports keyword filtering. Eg: Set a led color when a keyboard is in the subject or body message
    * Use 7 of the System led colors or the 26 combinations of colors eg: Green + Green, Red + Green etc...
    * Configurable blinking duration from 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 times or forever
    * Contact lookup. Pick a contact from the Contacts application
    * Automatically turns off the blinking led for the contact when you read or delete the email message or read the SMS text
    * Supports BedSide Mode. Automatically mute notifications
    * Supports up to 512 contacts
    * Rotating blinking led for multiple unread messages and SMS
    * Backup and restore your contact filters to and from the SD Card. SD Card is required. This is perfect for updating the System Software
    * Disable and enable contact filter. You can turn off the contact at anytime
    * Easy and fun to use

    Link to BlackBerry World Listing: BlackBerry World - Color Led Message

    Price: $2.99
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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Version 3.2 is now available.

    * Added LED for all incoming BBM messages
    * Added LED for all incoming WhatsApp
    * Fixed Social Accouts
    * Fixed Bedside Mode

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