Best selling Message Ringtones application.

Collection of 85 cool message ringtones for SMS Text, Email, BBM(tm), Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and all your favorite 3rd party applications.

The compilation includes some short and subtle ringtones perfect for BBM and Text ringtones which do not distract or annoying. There are a lot of different varieties of ring tones to choose from.

You can install one or all 85 ringtones to Device or on the SD Card. Just select the ones from the list and play it. Once you have installed the ringtones you can delete the application to free up main memory. Your ringtones will be stored in the Music folder. You can delete any of them if you decide not the use it.

There are no monthly charges. You just pay it once.

BlackBerry World Link: BlackBerry World - Message Ringtones

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